Q8 – Silicone Lubricant

Q8 is a unique spray which repels moisture and waterproofs all surfaces, lubricates switchgear ad prevents arcing. A non-staining lubricant for clips, hinges, rubber brushes and plastic fittings. Inhibits corrosion and prevents “flash over” in polluted atmosphere. Q8 may be used as dashboard protector.

NOT for use on computer keyboards.

Usage and Applications

Machines and Trucks

Q8 lubricates switchgears and prevents arcing.

Welding Anti Spatter Spray

Lubricates electrical systems makes it great welding anti spatter spray.

Rubber Bushes

Q8 is non-staining and suitable for rubber bushes.

Plastic Fittings

A quick introduction for Q8

Major Features of Q8

Moisture Repellant

Repels moisture and waterproofs surfaces and fabric alike.


Q8 is a 60% silicone oil content which makes it the most high quality silicone spray that you will find in the market.

**Available in 150g and 400g aerosol.