Q5¬†–¬†Graphite Penetrating Fluid

Q5 is a graphite-based, quick acting penetrating and release agent for rusted nuts, bolts, pipe fittings etc. The graphite work wonders on lubricating and loosening locks. Q5 is silicone free.

Usage and Applications

Loosening Locks

Siezed Bolts & Nuts

Pipes and Fittings

A quick introduction for Q5

Major Features of Q5

Graphite Based

If you picture a lock or a padlock that has a grease and grime inside of it you spray a Q5 inside it, it will break down the grease and grime and leave dry layer of graphite behind afterwards


With the Graphite that acts like the dry lubricant, Q5 continues to protect your equipment or tools.


Graphite also has antistatic properties so this will prevent further ingressive dust and grime into the lock.

**Available in 150g aerosol.