Q-4-45 Antiseptic Hand Cleaner

Q4-45 is a multi-purpose hand cleaner that is safe, antiseptic and non-abrasive. Q4-45 removes oil, grease, wet paint, printing ink and bitumen. Q4-45 also cleans PVC floor tiles, plastic goods and enamel products. Use it with or without water. Comes with or without grit.

Usage and Applications

Your Hand

Greasy hands can be difficult to work with, with Q 4-45 you can clean your hands and prevent diesel infections too.


Your Tools

Q4-45 can clean some of the stubborn tar or bitumen dirts, even some of your tools.

Watch an actual demo of how well Q 4-45 works!

Major Features of Q4-45


The Antibacterial hand cleaner also contains lanolin to soften the skin.

Pine Oil

Makes it smell a little bit tangible than the average work shop.

Works Even Without Water

If you are out on the field and you  don’t have any water, you will be glad to know that Q4-45 can be used without water.

**Available in 500g, 1kg and 5kg buckets.