Q10 Penetrating Oil

Q10 is a quick acting, penetrating rust solvent and release agent for rusted or seized nuts, bolts, pipe fittings etc. Why waste time, just apply Q10 and let it work for you. Q10 is silicone free.

Usage and Applications

Siezed Bolts & Nuts

From Industrial rails to the gates at your house to the curtain rods, Q20 is the ideal choice to smoothen the movement. And it doesn’t even stain your curtains!

Pipes and Fittings

Q20 can be used as a grease to lubricate the smooth movement, from engine parts to bicycle gears.

Ten Minutes to remove rusts, with Q10.

Major Features of Q10

Quick Acting

The “ten” in Q10 stands for ten minutes to free your from the rust.


Q10 acts to break down rust fast it meant to be sprayed onto very rusted and ceased nuts bolts and fittings.

**Available in 150g and 400g aerosols, 500ml bottles.