Q In-One is a high-tech general purpose lubricant for all household and special industrial applications. Ideal for sewing machines, electrical hair clippers and pneumatic tools. Q In One is silicone free.

Usage and Applications

Sewing Machines

Electrical Hair Clippers

Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic-powered tool or air powered tool driven by compressed air, supplied by an air compressor.

A quick introduction for Q IN-ONE low viscosity, silicone free lubricant for fast moving household or special industrial applications.

Major Features of Q IN-ONE

Low Viscosity

The number one disctinction of Q IN-ONE is the low viscosity, this makes it ideal for fast moving machines like sewing machines, electrical hair clippers and pneumatic tolls.


Friction is the second enemy that stuns the movements of any machinery, Q In One is able to stick to the metal surfaces and induce smooth movement.


Q In One provides a thin layer of protection on your fast moving machineries.

**Available in 100ml bottles.