Q20, the leading moisture repellent for protecting and removing moisture from wet ignition systems on cars, trucks, motorbikes, marine engines and electric motors. Q20 overcomes and prevents stubborn starting and stalling in damp climates and heavy downpours. Q20’s unique penetrating power makes it ideal as a release agent and light duty lubricant for use in the home, garage and workshop. Q20 is silicone free.

Usage and Applications

Machines and Trucks

From Industrial rails to the gates at your house to the curtain rods, Q20 is the ideal choice to smoothen the movement. And it doesn’t even stain your curtains!


Q20 can be used as a grease to lubricate the smooth movement, from engine parts to bicycle gears.

Racing and Rally

Q20 has been proven on race tracks and rallies alike to keep these mean machines going, under difficult conditions. Sometimes, only the ultimate can do.

Rusty Locks, Siezed Bolts & Nuts

Q20 is a quick solvent for rusts to loosen up the rusty locks, bolts and nuts


One of the most common household item and also a constant source of squeaking sounds, can be solved with Q20.

Wax Crayon

Your young artist at home is your most precious gift, but some of their artwork need not be permanently on the wall. With Q20 you can rub them off with ease.

Repelling Water

Q20’s unique properties is not only water repellent, because of it’s density being heavier than water (typical lubricants floats on water) it was able to protect your engines.

Chewing Gum

Got into a sticky situation with your Jimmy Choo? Q20 removes chewing gum from any surface.


Protect your tools, so that you can keep doing your work professionally, or at home.


Keeping things going since 1950.

Electrical & Electronics

Protects and isolate electronics and electrical.

Watch a quick demo

Seeing is believing, but still there is a lot more behind the wonderful product Q20.

Trusted and Used by the Professionals and Ordinary

Fishing Associations

Q20 is recommended by the Deep Sea Fishing Association to protect your radio, GPS, and outboard motor for moisture ingress!.


Q20 is trusted to be used even in the firearms industry to be in compliance and safe for use.


The moisture protection that Q20 offers for all their equipments earned the trust of marine officers, even in the deep waters.


Q20 have been lubricating giant machines in the industrial world including factories and workshops to keep them moving since 1950s.


On and off tracks we have been great for cars and machines. The essential workshop partner.

YOUR home!

Q20 has been used EVERYWHERE, from removing squeaks at your door to even removing chewing gums on your laundry!

What makes Q20 better?

There are many unique properties of Q20, but our density is unrivalled in the market. This allows Q20 to bond with metal elements, rain or shine, providing the best protection for metal surfaces against corrosion. 

Walking the talk – We are so proud of Q20 that we would bet our LIVES on it. Here we demonstrated how the coating works around a live wire to light a light bulb UNDERWATER!!

The peace and quiet that you have longed for.

Major Features of Q20

Moisture Repellant

By removing water, we can remove the number factor for rust and build-ups.


Friction is the second enemy that stuns the movements of any machinery, Q20 are able to stick to the metal surfaces and induce smooth movement.

Spray Upside Down!

Our innovation goes beyond our products, but also our packaging! With the 360 ball bearing valve, we can be completely inverted but still giving the perfect spray to hard to reach areas.


Applying Q20 on outdoor light bulb are proven to maximize the lives of light bulbs and electronics of up to 30%.

**Available in 150g and 300g aerosol.